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February 05, 2009

Spring St. (South Side, between 6th Ave. and West Broadway)

On Monday, February 2, I thought I'd tackle one of the main streets in SoHo -- Spring St. There are so many stores along Spring that I decided to start with the shop windows along the south side of the street only at first. Still, it was a big undertaking.

I also discovered a big limitation with my point-and-shoot digital camera -- no matter at what angle I photograph the windows, I get a lot of glare off the glass . . . and very detailed reflections muddying the displays. I've learned that I need a polarizing filter to help lessen the effect of the reflections, and so I've ordered a cheap one to try it out. But for now, we're all just going to have to deal with the apparitions hovering over the merchandise on display. Sorry about that.

On to the tour of the south side of Spring St. Clicking any picture will open the full-size image in a new window.

We'll start with the cute Psychic: Readings by Fatima store on Spring St., by 6th Ave. I dig that bench, and the way the ATM almost color-coordinates with the storefront colors. Maybe I should pop in and consult with Fatima sometime about my future.

At 198 Spring St. is Iradj, the home of the jewelry designer Iradj Moini, a former couture designer for Oscar de la Renta. Who doesn't love a turquoise or amethyst chunky necklace?

Ottiva, at 192 Spring St. Boots! Shoes! All very classic. Notice the first of the SALE signs . . . even SoHo is being hit hard by this recession.

Also in 192 Spring St. is AGI Brooks. The clothes in here remind me of every female executive I've ever worked for in my life. Another big sale going on.

Chelsea Girl Couture at 186 Spring St. always can be counted on for funky windows showcasing the top vintage trends. That Japanese purse in the lower left corner is to-die-for. Again, sale sale sale.

Close up of the Chelsea Girl Couture window, showing a few more stunning vintage bags. If I had any extra cash (which I don't), I'd totally buy that mosaic bull purse for some Taurus chick.

Until a few months ago, this store on the corner of Spring St. and Thompson St. was a dentist's office, but recently the dentist moved, and the storefront was gutted. No new retail tenant rented quickly, so now it's occupied temporarily by the SoHo Flea Market, which is like a bargain basement, filled with street vendors who were smart enough to come in from the cold. Note the Psychic Readings by Elaine sign -- that makes two psychics on this block! I have a feeling Elaine has set up a little booth in the back, shielded from the tourist customers by a rack of coats.

Psychic Elaine was on the sidewalk, passing out her cards, and she was nice enough to pose for a picture by her sign in the vestibule.

Ah, LeSportsac. Moved away from 176 Spring St., alas. I mocked this store for years, using it as my example of the general uselessness of SoHo as a livable neighborhood. Where am I supposed to get my groceries? I'd say. LeSportsac? Now I guess I'll have to find another store to scapegoat. I won't miss the displays of their ugly '80s bags, though. Some of them were dag nasty.

Another slashing sale at Big Drop. Occasionally, this window has clever slogans across the front, which makes up somewhat for the generic nature of some of the clothing.

I'm not sure how Union at 172 Spring St. survives selling hip-hop caps, hoodies, and t-shirts in SoHo, but they've been here since 1989, so they must be doing something right. I suppose it's good to corner a niche in the neighborhood.

And here's Le Bo at 172 Spring St., having a blowout sale on their bags. They used to have funkier leatherwear in their windows, with very sexy mannequins in suede pants . . . but it looks like they're closing up shop.

At the corner of West Broadway and Spring St., a big Origins looms. The window displays are actually quite colorful and modern, but unfortunately the glare really ruined this picture.